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Political Systems In Today's World

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Article XXV:   Political Systems in Today’s World
Democratic Governments
Today political scientists call countries like the Unite States with well-established democratic Governments Consolidated Democracies.
Parliamentary Systems
One of the most widespread is Parliamentary Government.
British Parliament
In Great Britain, Parliament, thee national legislature, holds almost all the governmental authority
The House of Commons is the British legislative body of elected representatives
The House of Lords has historically been an aristocratic body
The House of Lords is now dominated by about 540 Life Peers, people who have been awarded a title for outstanding service or achievement.
The Prime Minister
The leader of the majority party in the House of Commons becomes the Prime Minister and chooses other ministers to head executive departments and serve as cabinet members.
Japanese Diet
Japan has a parliament of two houses, call the National Diet.
Function of the Cabinet
In Parliamentary government, members, of the cabinet preside over departments, or ministries.
Dissolving the Government
In Great Britain and other parliamentary systems, the prime minister and cabinet together are referred to as the government, a word equivalent to the American use of the word administration.
Presidential Government
Another Way to organize democracy is by Presidential Government.
French Presidents
France’s 1958 constitution helped transform the office of president into the most powerful position in the French government.
Working with the Assembly
(Premier is the French word for “first” and is the name given to the French equivalent of a prime minister.)
Emerging Democracies
Since the collapse of communism, a process that began in 1989, many of the countries of eastern Europe have been working to establish democratic governments.
Constitutional Government in Poland
In 1889 the people of Poland, East Germany,...


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