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Wha Makes a Good Leader

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A leader can be said to be one that mobilises followers to achieve unity and common goals. A good leader leads by example and creates a friendly environment for members of the society. A political leader is, therefore, a person that is committed to carrying out the mission, vision and goals of the community or country. He keeps his mind open to other people’s ideas and comes up with new ways to accomplish the societal objectives.
A good political leader is focused and constantly remembering his mission and vision. This will enable him to stay on track and keep other on tracks through scheduling time to meet with the members of the community to establish a symbiotic relationship towards achieving success. He motivates the citizenry to speak their minds about the state policy by organising a town hall meeting for people to ask questions. 
By so doing, he enables the ordinary people to contribute to the development of the community and consequently, fulfilling the dream of participatory government.
A good and successful political leader is one who is confident and decisive, knowing truly that reaching a compromise is not usually possible and as such, he is not afraid to make the final decision even if it will hurt his interest or his associates.
A good political leader must be sympathetic in nature. That is, he must have ability to understand peoples’ feelings, their immediate needs and demands. He must command respect and not compel cheers. He uses his foresight to identify lapses in the economy and also act to eliminate the anomaly to safeguard the economy. The maintenance of peace among the tribes that make up the society is another serious quality to know a good leader.
A good political leader looks at a policy from all perspectives, seeing it through the angles of the stakeholders and assessing the effect on the entire citizens. A leader who fails to recognise the people have failed from the beginning.
A good political leader builds his successor with the...


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