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Native Woman

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Alternative Ending: Heart of Darkness
By: Susana Salazar
At the end of the book Marlow is face to face with Kurtz intended in her home where her and Kurtz resided. She keeps asking Marlow what Kurtz last words were. He lies to her face and tells her that his last words were actually her name, as he tells her this tears run down her ghostly, soft face. Marlow sits back and tells her in a shakily face “ Kurtz loved your very much, and he would have regretted everything just to be with you “. She says back in a shaky, frightened voice “ I just want something-not just him –but to actually had stopped him from going and just be here –with me”. Marlow as he tried to pull himself back together replied back “ Kurtz always mentioned you, he always aid how much he cared ad loved you and wish he was here to be with you and to take care of you, he always spoke of you as his princess”. She started crying and after a few minutes, Marlow went over to her and spoke to her in a crackly but soft tone and said “ You have to understand he left this county and became savage and all he wanted was money, but he loved you so very much and you meant so much to him and he did all this and earned so much just so he could dream of coming back and give you everything and love you in everyway that he could offer”. She then grabbed him and whispered, “ I thank you Marlow, but I must go now”. She stood up and left and he watched her as her shadow faded onto the dark hall knowing he will never see her again.


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