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Letter to William

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Letter to William

Dear William,
As you know I have been travelling Egypt with a few acquaintances of mine for the past several weeks.   It has been a very enticing journey and I would love to inform you we have discovered something, something big.
We have found an underground tomb, of what seems to be an ancient Egyptian king or something.   We don’t know what his name is, or who he is at all for that matter, but we do know that he was rich, very rich.
Millions, maybe billions of dollars worth of items are in this tomb.   Including his coffin.
Oh boy, his coffin is probably the most interesting of all. First of all his body had been mummified, and his organs are in separate jars, most likely to preserve them.
There is also a chair coated in gold, it seems to be a throne.   Myself and the people I came here with were all in shock and awe at the same time when we found this place. As you know I am not a selfish person, so I am going to give the precious items to the authorities and they can put them in a museum, so anyone who wants to see these items, can.
This is most definitely going to make me famous though, and I find absolutely nothing wrong with that.   This discovery is huge and is going to open a new world to archaeologists, to see what they can also discover and make of this.

Take care and stay strong


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