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Computer Simulation

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Are we living in a computer simulation?
  Throughout the history people have always asked the big questions: How did the universe come to exist? Is there a meaning to it all? In the past such questions have been limited to religion and philosophy. In the twentieth century, the massive development of technology caused the scientists to address the same questions. In 1994 French theorist Jean Baudrillard, whose work combines philosophy, social theory, and an idiosyncratic cultural metaphysics, makes a claim that what we perceive as reality might in fact be only a computer simulation. His work inspired an avalanche of questions and theories about who created the simulation and how would we know if we were a part of one. The answers are astonishing. It seems that there is more evidence that we might be a part of the simulation than against it.
  Among many theories two have the most supporters. First one alleges that our universe is part of a “multiuniverse” and those other limitless universes are unobservable from this one. I this case one cannot rule out the existence of super advanced civilizations with stupendous computational power in one or many of the other universes adjacent to ours. Given these facts it is apparent that one supercivilization could at moderately low cost simulate an almost unlimited quantity of false universes (Davies 60)
  Second theory states that people will continue to evolve and once they reach an advanced post human stage they will be able to produce ancestor simulations with the enormous amounts of the computing power available to them. Nick Bostrom argues that either human species will go extinct before reaching the “posthuman” stage or we are already a part of the computer simulation (243).
  So how did we get here? Is it possible to be part of a computer simulation without realizing it? Wouldn’t we know that we are real or that we are just a sequence of 0s and 1s inside some highly developed complex computer? Not necessarily....


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