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Arab Spring

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Arab Spring Essay
By: Monique Boyd

In 2011 Several Arab countries decided to try to become democratic governments. These revolutions are called the Arab Spring. In this essay I will be summarizing the events that occurred in Egypt and Libya during the Arab spring.
The first protest in Egypt began January of 2011.   President Mohamed Hosni Mubarak was currently in “office”.   Mubarak was more of a dictator than a president he was elected for 5 terms straight by rigging elections and using violence against those who opposed his leadership.   The protest that took place on January 25th 2011 was organized through A Facebook page called “We All Khaled Said”. The paged initially honored a citizen of Egypt who was beaten to death by police because they suspected him of releasing videos of police corruption online. The page began a campaign against police brutality but eventually became a place where people could express their dislike of Mubarak’s regime. The amount of people who disliked this regime was large. They then began to organize and put together all their ideas. They began to protest. The government reacted with violence using weapons, thugs, and the military against their own people to try to contain the protest. People began to record the protest and post the videos online. This made the rest of the world pay attention to this revolution. News stations world wide began to report on this topic. Also other countries began to support the rebels in their fight for democracy. 370 people were killed during this protest. Mubarak resigned from presidency February 11th 2011.   Egypt is currently a republic.
The protest in Libya began February 15th 2011. The uprising in Libya was inspired by Tunisia and Egypt’s uprisings. The Libyan government was corrupt. Violence was used on citizens on a daily basis. The people’s wants and needs were not taken into account. The people of Libya were against the rule of Colonel Muammar al Gaddafi. Who, like in Egypt, was actually a...


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