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"You judge yourself more harshly than anyone else." - Ytmooxxamygr


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|    Some basic rules required while dealing with Critical                                                       |
|    Reasoning Questions:                                                                                       |
|A.     |DO NOT use ANY outside information unless desired by the question and is asked for Specifically. Most   |
|       |mistakes happen, when we violate this rule.                                                             |
|B.     |DO NOT make ANY assumptions on your side, unless required by the question specifically! Very important. |
|C.     |Conclusion should directly/implicitly be related to the matter being discussed at hand in the paragraph.|
|       |Anything that is not related to the topic directly, or can be inferred from it directly, should be       |
|       |immediately discarded.                                                                                   |
|D.     |Question may be very carefully read twice to know what is being desired.                                 |
|E.     |TWO negatives make a positive. All the following are false, except…This means, that they require the     |
|       |true statement. Do not get overly confused, by these histrionics by an examiner. Things like these must |
|       |be carefully paid attention to. Most other questions go wrong because of violation of this point.       |
|F.     |Avoid general conclusions, which are known beforehand, as a part of common knowledge, as answers.       |
|      |                                                                                                        |
|       |                                                                                                         |

Example 1:
When Birbal's cat smelled milk it salivated. Later on Raag Bhairvi was played whenever milk was placed near the cat. After few weeks, only the Raag was played, whereupon the cat would salivate even though no milk was present.
Which of the following...


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