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Never Drink and Drive

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Pablo Johnson


Health Science

26 April 26, 2012

Never Drink and Drive!

It is crazy that just one day after watching the video in health science class, on the dangers of drinking and driving, I received news via text message that a friend of mine was on life support. I asked “What happened?’ already with the overwhelming feeling that drinking and driving was the cause, and sure enough it was. Although my friend had not deceased as a result of the accident, and it looks like he is going to pull through, it made me think of the stories from the video. It was such a similar instance, a 20-year-old young man irresponsibly taking the wheel after drinking, then losing control, and crashing. I began to think, what if he had seen this video? Would the stories, statistics, and graphic images have made him think twice about getting behind the wheel? Maybe yes, maybe no. However, I believe that it would be difficult for anyone to drink and drive after watching the video.
I began to look at some of the facts I wrote down from the video and note all the statistics that related to his situation; 1. About 62 people die daily from drunk driving, even though he is still alive he very well could have been killed instantly from the crash and is very lucky. 2. Drunk driving is the leading cause of death for people ages 16-24, and nearly half of all nighttime accidents resulting in death are caused by drunk drivers ages 18-24. He is 20 years old so he fits right in that range. 3. Every 23 min. a drunk driver kills in America, luckily no one else was hurt in the accident, but somebody very well could have been.
What I thought about the most from the video was when they mentioned how that when people are drunk they have this idea of, “I’m fine, I’m ok to drive, and I can handle it”. Many people under the influence feel like they are capable to handle anything, which obviously isn’t the case. It is important to bring you friends to reality if you ever should...


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