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Unit 3: Supporting Children

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Unit 8: Caring for children.

Task 1: Write a reflective account of how the practitioner should respond to parents.

P8.1- It is important that when parents come to you with any enquiries you must ensure to give the parents eye contact and listen to what the enquiry is, it is important that you advice the parents on what to do or being a practitioner if you don’t have the knowledge needed to deal with the enquiry you politely explain to the parents and then advise them on who is more suitable to be able to help more and share more knowledge on the enquiry. It is also important that you ask the parent if they need to be taken to the staff member who is more suitable for them and if they do wish to you either direct them to where the staff member is based or if the staff member is in a complicated base then you take the parent to them, however if you can’t leave the room you are working in for example if there isn’t enough supervision in the area you’re working in then it is important that you check if any other staff are available to take the parent to the specific staff member and politely ask them to direct them there however if there are no free staff available it is important you explain to the parent that it would be best to either ring up the nursery or wait until one of the staff members are free to be able to take them. It is important that you take the parent seriously when the parent is explaining the enquiry to you and it is important that you respect the parents by not repeating any of what the parent has asked you or gossip about what the parent has just enquired about. However if you are able to answer the enquiry it is important that you don’t pass any judgement on the parent and you answer the enquiry truthfully for example if the parent asks you what the child has been doing in the setting today or how has the child behaved it is important that you answer them truthfully and confident and not like you don’t want to tell the parent, for example...


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