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Honesty - 1

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Honesty. What is honesty? It is funny because most of us do not fully understand the actual meaning of the word. In fact, we usually use it pretty loosely. But what do we actually want from the word?   Well, I know what I want : actual honesty. You see, people have taken quite a liking to ‘honest’people. People who they think they could trust with so many things like money, family. Sometimes, even with their own lives. But I know better than to trust these ‘honest’ people. Do you want to know why? I can tell you the story, but I warn you: it is not pretty at all.

    It started one day during the winter. Christmas was fast approaching   and I was out late, doing some last minute shopping. Alone. Most of the shops were starting to close as I made my way back to my car and dark had already fallen hours ago. I know my mother is going to have my head for staying out so late. But I also know that she could be bribed with these expensive gifts I have already bought for her.

And that was when I noticed a man, cloaked and had his head lowered, stalking me.

I quickened my pace. Twenty metres. My car was already in my view. Fifteen metres. I could here the man quickening his pace to match mine. Ten metres. I was already running. Five more metres and I will be safe. I had just pulled my car keys out of my pocket when I felt myself being pushed to the ground by a heavy body.

  “ Do not scream,” I remember the man hissed at me. “ Scream and you will never see this world again.” I clamped my mouth shut. “Get up. And follow me.” I did as I was told, my purchases were all over on the ground.

  He lead me to a shabby building near where I had parked my car. I still did not see his face. I could feel my heart racing and had a sudden bad thought. What if he is going to kill me? I should have run, you know. Because he had to let go of my arms to unlock a door. I should have run then. As soon as the door swung open, he pushed me in.

  “I have been lonely...


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