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Danny Roman

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RoSoni Sharma
Professor Ruth Smith
Crisis Intervention
July 8, 2012
The Negotiator

According to Gerald Caplan, crisis can be defined as where people are in a state of crisis when they face an obstacle to important life goals and obstacle that is for a time, insurmountable (challenging) by the use of customary methods of problem solving.
Based on the film, “The Negotiator”, which focuses on Danny Roman, the main character in the movie, who plays the hostage negotiator for the Chicago Police Department. In the very beginning of the movie, we see Danny negotiating a hostage taker down and eventually resolving the situation. Later that same evening after his success party, the stage is set for his downfall.
In the movie, we get to an understanding that Danny’s partner was investigating the fact that money has been repeatedly withdrawn from the police officers pension fund. However, he informs Danny that he was pretty close to find out who was guilty, but then his partner is shot by an unknown person and was found by Danny. Therefore as the story continues the crisis was that all evidences were against Danny being the murder and also taking the money from the pension fund. “Discuss in terms of what you have learned in this class. Make sure you use the correct terminology”
When Danny did not get the answers as to who had killed his partner he took the suspected corrupt investigator hostage along with his personal assistance and a petty informant who were also in crisis. They were nervous, worried and tensed as to what Danny Roman was going to do. They were all in the office room handcuffed and terrified.
The Crisis which was addressed by the crisis intervention worker was that Danny Roman had three people as hostage because there was no one who wanted to believe Danny. Sometimes in life they say if you give someone your finger, they take your hand, in this case it was the same with Danny. He gave his coworkers “Trust” and they had betrayed him and tried...


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