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An Advert I Hate

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Picture this; you're sitting down one thursday evening. You've just told your girlfriend that the take away is on its way and that it's your treat, when she reminds you that its your brothers birthday tomorrow. 'Bummer' is the word that runs through your mind, you don't get paid until Saturday and after this meal you will only have enough money to buy milk and pay the rent. You know he would hate you if you didn't get him some sort of fairly expensive gift, just like he'd got you, and you can't, I repeat can't give it to him late again.
Wishing you had just cooked rather than ordering in for two, you sit worrying about what an earth is going to happen. When conveniently, a short term money lending advert comes on the telly. Problem solved! You will find his present online tonight, order it, and just borrow the money you need to pay for it. Easy you think, but...
On Saturday when you check your account balence you find it's much less than you expected. This is because your quick, simple money fix, so you could but your beloved brothers birthday present, has ended with you having much less money in you account for this week than you realised. Consequently you are now very stressed about how you will pay for everything this week, leading you to think that it won't hurt to borrow a little more.
When I was short of cash a few months ago I thought I would see how these money lending sites worked, and if there really wern't any catches as so many of their adverts suggest. I went to ' Wonga.com' and found that if I wanted to borrow 250 pounds for 20 days that I would have to pay 50 pounds and 40 pence interest and a   5 pound and 50 pence fee for the money to be sent into my bank account. That's over one fith of the money I was asking to lend. Exploitation. That was the word that popped into my mind mind when I saw how much extra it was going to cost me to borrow. It is very hard for people to stop borrowing, as the apr (annual percentage rate) is so high, causing people...


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