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Topic:Some people think that schools should select pupils according to their academic abilities,while others belive thatit is better to have pupils with different abilities study together.Discuss both views and gives your own opinion.
  In recent years,a heated controversy has been ongoing regarding the best approach to effective education.Some adhere to education system of students with the same academic skills,while others believe learning environment with diverse capabilities would confer more benefits.The upsides and downsides of each will be oulined as follow
  Schools which welcome distinctive identities of students do attach great importance to an all-sided education,particularly in terms of knowledge and social skills.Students can access to a wide   range of subjects;from art to science owing to various development tendency of each individual.Also,learners are encouraged to study with and from different perspectives,thus they will have a more in-depth understanding about a variety of matters.As regard to social skills,students have a chance to communicate with people of dissmilar personalities as well as point of views.Therefore gradually will they learn how to respect others,how to discuss,negotiate and cooperate.However,there also exist some inevitable difficulties,especially for teachers.It may be harder to find strong points of each students and to train them properly.As a result of not being fully concentrated,talents of individuals may be erased over time.
  Compared with schools of diverse abilities,schools   of barely academic reveal some obvious disadvantages.It seems that the act of choosing only academic skills may place too much studying pressures on students.This will result in the lack of other important skills such as social skills among pupils.However,one seeable benefit is that this education system is easier for teachers to foster and develop students’ uniqye and special abilities
  From my perspective, I contend that a full development...


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