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The Leadership of Henry V Was Responsible for English Success in France 1415-1420, How Far Do You Agree?

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The leadership of Henry v was responsible for English success in France 1415-1420, How far do you agree?
The leadership of Henry V was partially responsible for the English success in France during 1415-1420, however it can be argued that luck is a far greater factor to the English’s success, as luck was essential in several battles such as the mud in Agincourt and the fact that the Burgundian and Armagnac division was tearing France apart did also contribute which can be attributed to luck.
Henry V’s leadership skills were obviously a very key factor to the English success in France however, the fact that luck was heavily involved for Henry to exploit. One of the first factors of Henry’s leadership came to the fore at Harfleur. Henry’s siege of the town of Harfleur was a success throughout, as Henry did the unexpected, he would have been thought to have headed to Aquitaine or straight across the channel. Throughout his invasion Henry was always seen to be fighting a just war, and was only seeking to claim what was rightly his, and throughout maintained the moral high ground. His tactics used in the siege of Harfleur filled his men with great confidence, for example, he fought on the front line, and he always maintained discipline with clear rules and enforcement, had the siege of Harfleur not been a success, France may not have become further divided. Also throughout the battle of Agincourt, Henry’s leadership was essential in sustaining the English’s growing success in France, his leadership was evident with his rousing speech pre-battle and the solidarity he showed with his troops. Again Henry chose to fight on the front line, and made critical and effective decisions throughout the battle, such as making his men into one solid line, so they couldn’t be flanked but also to take advantage of the battle terrain, and he also forced the battle to start by advancing his archers, however it can be also argued Henry made some very poor decisions that day such as...


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