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Sicial Challenges

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Technology and Environment  

Executive summary:
                                          Developing countries such as India are practically vulnerable to industrial crisis because of the adequate lack of technology and infrastructure but still want to compete with developed countries. So in order to develop in fast pace they start to attract multinational companies for investing and in this process they tend to   ignore various key issues related to health , safety and environmental   aspects and thus creating more trouble to the people , the multinational companies take advantage of this scenario as   they have advantage of cheap labor in developing countries , better accessing to markets and low cost in all operations of their plants and if this method is followed the companies tend to ignore the environmental aspects taking the advantage weak governments and uneducated people now we in this essay we commonly discuss about whether India is ready in   establishing nuclear plants as primary source of energy by discussing about the failures   faced by the governments in facing new technologies.
                                                                  Nuclear energy is stated best possible solution for tackling climate change. Nuclear power is a mature technology presently providing 16% global electricity power nuclear power is also accounted for most reduction in carbon intensity in developed countries and avoided significant amounts of particular matters such as sulphur dioxide , nitrous oxide and also various volatile organic compounds currently according to the recent survey nuclear power has avoided nearly 520 million tons of carbon which is nearly 9 % of total emissions   when compared to other sources of electricity and also its low share of fuel costs and high availability of uranium made nuclear power as reliable source for electricity . Accordingly...


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