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Stanley Kubrick’s a Clockwork Orange

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Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange

What makes Alex build his pleasure on others’ pain? Is it immoral?
-Alex’s background (material life of his family without spiritual education)
-He cannot understand morality as he cannot experience in his life.

  The morality in Stanley Kubrick’s A Clockwork Orange is difficult to be judged. Since the narrator and the protagonist is Alex, the audiences are led to the subjective world of him. The audiences see through Alex’s eye. They steps into the world of A Clockwork Orange, therefore they may have sympathy towards Alex’s suffers. Alex dose most of the guilt for pleasure, he deserves to be punished. However, Should it be moral for the people to judge and put him in sufferings? Should they take any responsibility to bringing up such person like Alex? Is Alex build his pleasure on others’ pain is immoral?
  Alex satisfies his pleasure and relieves surfeit energy by ultra-violence and sex. He builds his pleasure on others pain.

The society is too hylicism. The society security uses power to maintain and citizens only concern on self-interests and benefits.
In the beginning of the film, those make Alex learn only power. He only knows that stronger power can protect him from being bullied by the others. Thus, he searches power from violence. He gains everything by strength, especially self-satisfaction on pleasure. Without spiritual understanding of morality, he only knows physical pleasure. In order to satisfy his physical pleasure, he gains it from violence and sex.
After meeting the minister, his eye is opened wide to the adult society. He learns how to fit into the society. He plays on power and gain interests from the others cooperating with authority, like what he has seen from the Government.
“Ode to joy”
|German original[8]                                           |English translation                                             |
|O Freunde, nicht diese Töne!...


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