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The Paragone Between Painting and Sculpture

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Throughout history the many different forms of art have changed and progress to fit a higher expectation of standards. There have been many great artists that have brought talent, new creative ideals, and Techniques to the table of art. Most of these masters of their craft were interested in the same solution, the imitation of the natural world. Artist such as Leonardo Da Vinci and Michelangelo, who are both artists of the High-Renaissance, put their skills to the test In order to perfect what no other artist was able to do, create the illusion of the real world within their individual pieces of art. Leonardo Da Vinci is able to portray the illusion of the real world with in his paintings with more efficiency than Michelangelo is able to do with his sculptures. The pieces of art from both artists will go head to head displaying strengths and weakness of sculpture verses painting. The traits of how each artist has a formal understanding of
the natural world, provided the element of expression bringing their pieces to life, and the ability to have no compositional limitations, function hand in hand in explaining how and why painting is the favored form of art when it comes to creating the imitation of real life.
The ability to render an image or form properly portraying the illusion of the real world is done by having a strong underlying sketch with a deep understanding of science and physical nature. For instance, "It was no longer a purely votive impulse which determined the forms of these images, for humanism and physical science." (Siren 30)¹ Leonardo Da Vinci found a new way to make stunningly remarkable pieces of religious art: Leonardo reverent as he was in Christian themes, was evidently more deeply moved by the sacredness of nature and of life then by any church conception. As a result he conceives every religion subject in its concrete reality and its human aspects. (Siren 30)¹ This not only states that he is highly   interested in nature itself but...


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