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Comparison and Contrast: the Roles of Children Yesterday and Today

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Comparison and Contrast: The Roles of Children Yesterday and Today
Comparison and Contrast: The Roles of Children Yesterday and Today
What is now considered the norm, was once looked at as lewd, revolting, and outright disgusting. Society today has changed from good mannerisms to blatant profanity. Those who have lived decades ago only experience these views. The children of today play a much different role in society. While the children were to play a “seen, but not heard” role, they now make up a large percentage of the entertainment industry. Rather then stay home and spend their lives working on a farm, they are excelling in schools and higher education. While all the children of today are changing from those in the mid-1900, they all still strive to reach the goal of a united family.
The differences of the children before us range in so many ways. From the part they play in their families to the way they earn their livings; from the language we now use to what they view as profane. The children before us have already grown up and have a solid foundation in their lives; granted, there are always the exceptions, both in yesterday’s society and in today’s. While the children before our time were the submissive type, always responsive to constructive criticism, the youth of our time now take a stand for themselves, whether they be in the right or wrong. The percentages of ill-mannered juveniles have greatly increased since the mid-twentieth century. Rather then be seen as well-kept juveniles, we tend to dress as we please and act in the same way. In response to these changes, children now find themselves playing a different role then what they used to. While the youth in the family were expected to help out with the farm, fully clean up after themselves, and help out whenever possible, the only thing expected of them now is to achieve decent grades in school. In other ways, the youth of today have completely turned their lives around from what our previous...


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