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Health Tourism

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Health tourism is a term involving people who travel to a different place to receive treatment for a disease, ailment, or condition, and who are seeking lower cost of care, higher quality of care, better access to care, or different care than they could receive at home. It also can be defined as all he activities related to travel and hosting a tourist who stays at least one night at the destination region for the purpose of maintaining, improving or restoring health through medical intervention. With the rising costs of medical procedures in Europe and North America, there has been a growing need for low cost medical alternatives. Today, we are witnessing a huge increase in the number of patients traveling abroad for affordable and high quality medical care. Health tourism was serving for patients who needing complicated and expensive medical treatment in their home countries.   Most of the individual will compare which country offer the lower price of the services needed. For example, Jenny have problem with her liver and she need to perform liver transplant as soon as possible. Jenny went to Taiwan to do the liver transplant, that’s because liver transplant that cost $300,000 USD in America only cost about $91,000 USD in Taiwan. Globalization has made health tourism possible and continues to grow. For participating countries, this new industry takes in billions of dollars a year, and is worth focusing on and being developed. In the ASEAN region, Malaysia is making a mark in the health tourism industry, thanks to the availability of medical and technical expertise, political and economical stability, high quality infrastructure, and scenic beauty of the land. There have certain factor that have led the increasing popularity of health tourism which is include the high cost of health care, long wait times for certain procedures, the easiness and affordability of international travel, and improvements in both technology and standards of care in many countries.


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