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Gung Hoes

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Reflection #3
The story behind Gung Ho is a true testament of the developmental processes of the in-and-outs of leadership.   Whoever thought a person can learn leadership from squirrels, beavers, and gooses all the while transforming one of the lowest performance plant to one of the highest; I sure did not. I have to admit, when I first started this class I thought I knew all about how to be a good leader; treating others the way one wants to be treated and to lead by example. After reading Gung Ho and having read your comments on the previous reflection papers I realized I was far from being a good leader and a student, I was being narrowed minded and was timid about expressing myself. Little did I know no one can be a good leader if one has not establish the foundation that leadership stands on; oneself. If I am to change I have to be “Gung ho” and keep my head held high.
Expressing my inner thoughts and feelings is the worthwhile work of achieving my goal. It has never been easy for me to do and often times would shy away from doing so because I did not want to be vulnerable. In the spirit of the squirrel, the worthwhile work I have to do is to open up and not be scared to express myself; my goal for self-development. Mrs. Sinclair noticed the spirit of the squirrel after watching squirrels diligently gathered their food for the winter. She understood the importance of the squirrels work was to survive the harsh winter. The spirit of the squirrel emphasis is knowing what you are doing and why it is important. I believe it instills motivation from purpose. Really, why would anyone do something if they do not know why they are doing it? My reason for wanting to be more expressive is to be open because if we are not open we are not willing to learn.
At first I failed to realize why there would be lots of comments on our reflection papers, but I realized it is the gift of the goose. The gift of the goose is to encourage and provides support. To be honest,...


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