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Going Back

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The strong odor of leftover pizza immediately assaults my nostrils as I cross the threshold of the cafeterias doors. I swiftly stride to my cafeteria table, only to find abandoned food crumbs on my usual seat. Groaning noisily, I quickly swipe the crumbs away. I take my seat as my two best friends claim the chairs across from me, debating over who called “dibs” over their mutual crush. I inwardly roll my eyes over their pointless argument. “Is lunch over yet?” I think to myself. Only 27 minutes to go. This is going to be a long lunch.  
          As I’m staring off into space, silently counting the minutes until lunch is over, I hear obnoxious laughter similar to wild hyenas coming from the cafeteria table behind me. I crane my neck to see what all the fuss is about, and my gaze instantly falls on two eighth grade boys towering over a frightened sixth grader. The two eighth graders taunt and tease the boy ruthlessly, cursing and calling inappropriate names. The young boy’s haunted eyes resemble a dam that is threatening to burst at any moment. I sit in horror as I witness the scene playing in front of me. My insides are practically screaming at me to stand up for the tormented boy, but I remain mute in my seat. I cowardly turn my head away from the scene and remain facing forward for the rest of lunch, the picture of the boy’s tear-streaked face permanently etched in my memory.


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