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Commonly Used Screening Equipment

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Screening means to divide mixed materials with different particle sizes into different levels of granularity by a single-layer or multilayer screener. Screening is an integral step in stone production process, and appropriate screening equipment can improve the efficiency of the production of stone. Screening equipment can be divided into high frequency screen, mobile crushing and screening plant, rotary sieve, vibration sieve, vibrating screen classifier, ultrasonic vibrating screen, sieve shaker machine, sand vibrating screen, sand screening machine, round vibrating screen, etc. Here are several commonly used screening equipments:
    1. Fixed sieve. Fixed sieve is made up of parallel arranged steel bars called riffles, and the riffles are linked through crossbar, and the size of the gap between the riffles is the mesh size. Fixed sieve can be divided into the grizzly sieve and bar sieve.
    2. Roller screen. The face of the roller screen is composed by the horizontally arranged rolling axis with plates, and fine materials can pass through the gap between rollers or plates. Mobile bulk materials move to another end driven by rolling axis and discharged from the end.
    3. Vibrating screen. Vibrating screen is a kind of screen commonly used in the advanced check and screen of medium and fine finished crushing product. It can be divided into two types of circular motion vibrating screen and linear vibrating motion sieve according to the characteristics of the trajectory of the screen frame. The former includes single-axis inertial vibrating screen, self-centering vibrating screen and heavy vibrating screen; while the latter includes dual-axis inertial vibrating screen and monolayer resonance screen sieve, and the mesh layers can also be divided into two categories of monolayer sieve and double sieves.

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