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The Walk

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The Walk

As I reach for my running shoes on the shelf, he throws himself around with excitement. Milo my 1-year-old Golden Retriever is always excited to go for the evening stroll through the neighborhood. I can hardly tie my shoes as Milo jumps with anxiety. As I feel as though I am always s trying to shoot a moving target as I attached the long brown leather leash to his collar. As I open the door on the warm musty damp air hits me as I step out the front door onto the stoop, the streetlight barely lights up the tree-lined street. Milo escapes out the door with a fury of energy and tries to pull me down the walkway to the sidewalk.  
As we begin our journey down the quiet, dark street Milo starts to slow down and starts to glace around to see the surroundings. The glowing porch lights of the houses help guide our way and to see the pavement in front of us. Even though we take a similar path every night, he tends to behave that this is a new voyage. As we round the corner we walk across the dark gray concrete street to the open space with grass the splashing as the water hits the rocks in the creek, we continue down the road under the dark star lit sky. The sound a faint footsteps creeps from around a fence, a dark figure appears, their face darkened by the street light that outlines their head. I can hear Milo panting with as to whom he gets to meet tonight. I hear “hello” in a deep raspy voice come from the figure, Milo investigates with his noise, the smell of cigarette smoke wisps through the air as we sidestep to walk on the lush green grass we quickly try to pass and get back to our mission.  
Further down the path we come to the boardwalk that jets out over the nature preserve filled with still water and luscious plants, the sounds of the wildlife make the area come alive. The slight splashing of water, the humming of flying insects, water splashing off the rocks as the flow down the overflow spout. The clapping of footsteps as we march over the...


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