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It was a bright morning in Florida. The Birds tweeted a short, sweet song and the sun’s rays wove a jacket of warmth for the luscious green grass. Flowers waved to the joggers that strolled by. Twelve year old Luke Nelson packed his things for his trip to Massachusetts. He was going to meet his cousin, as well as the famous author in the world: Cameron Powers. Two weeks ago, Cameron Powers arranged a contest. He put a random word in the book. The one who finds this word gets to meet him. Each book had its own set of clues to help. Luke had surprisingly won and got to go to Massachusetts to meet Cameron Powers. What was more convenient was that his cousin lived in Massachusetts in the same town! Luke was also going to bring Cameron Power’s greatest book of all for him to sign it. The book was used as proof to see if Luke had actually won.
“Hey buddy! Did you pack your suitcases,” Luke’s dad interrogated as he barged into his room with his customary khakis and polo t-shirt.
“Yup,” Luke answered with a gargantuan smile, "And, oh! I almost forgot my book.” He shuffled through his pile of junk like crazy. Once he found his book, he safely put it in the front pocket of his burgundy suitcase. After his father left, he took out the book and starting reading the thin pages.
“Luke!” his mom yelled. Plopping the book on his night desk, he trudged his suitcase behind him and ran down the stairs. Dashing out the door, he met his dad at the car. They sped to the airport and Luke caught the plane. It was about two o’clock when Luke alighted from the plane and was at the doorstep of his cousin, Jacob’s house.

“Hey, you got the book?” Jacob asked. Luke nodded excitedly. His pale hands extended towards the suitcase with extreme caution. The fingers on his hand outstretched and opened the front pocket. A piercing shriek followed. Luke felt like someone had stabbed him. The book! It was gone!
Luke was seconds close to tears. After all that hard of finding the random...


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