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My Best Friend

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My Best Friend

Some people come into your lives and quickly go, but friends will stay for a while, change you, and leave footprints in our hearts forever. They are not your family who can be part of your life but may not give significant impact. They are also not your colleagues or neighbors who can be disappeared suddenly whenever you change your job or move far away. They may know you since you were a young child, always be there for you, and won’t divorce you like your spouse. I believe that God has chosen them and brought them to you.
My best friend, Jessica who has different cultures with me, came to my heart and changed me. I thought it is important to make friends with the people that share similar interests or hobbies. I didn’t realize that it is also possible that people share different cultures and principles as they become friends until I met my friend, Jessica. I remember first time when I met her. I didn’t like her at all at first. Her face was round and oily with half-closed eyelids, and she had lips that curved in stupid smile. She moved to Hong Kong from the north part of China in order to look for a new job on her own. I personally didn’t like people from the north part of China because they were out of style, rude, and dirty. They also talk loud on the phone and throw trash everywhere. Besides, I didn’t think we could get along with each other well, as our diet habit and lifestyle were different even in the same country. I like salt food but she liked sweet food. I spoke Cantonese while she spoke Mandarin. I would not attempt to know her if she was not introduced by my friend to be my new roommate. I needed a roommate to share the rent urgently. I had to accept her for that reason, but I wanted to keep distant from her as much as possible. However, it was very difficult because she was always clinging to me whenever I was home. She was also sharing everything about her life to me in Cantonese dialect with strong accent (Cantonese is local...


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