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How Do You Feel About the Idea of the Medical Field Tampering with Human Life with Genetics?

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I see no wrong in using human DNA if it is used to save lives. Unfortunately, I feel some scientists will probably use legitimate uses of DNA tampering to justify sinful uses of DNA. For those who do cross that line and kill human life, at what point do you draw the line? The German Nazi Party in 1935 accepted euthanasia for crippled children and "useless and unrehabilitive" patients then killed those who were maimed, mentally-disabled, weak, or whom they just didn't like, thinking that it was acceptable within the morally bankrupt teachings of Charles Darwin’s (THE ORIGIN OF SPECIES). Darwin's philosophies could be explained by the carnal phrase, “Only the strong survive.” Scientists who destroy human life in a lab, and mothers who abort their children, and judges who legalize abortion, are thinking the same way that the Nazis did.. The Supreme Court ruled in 1972, in Roe vs. Wade, that an unborn fetus is not an individual, not a human being. This thinking is all directly based upon Charles' Darwin's “The Origin of Species”. Techniques of genetic screening are already being used whereby embryos can be selected by sex and checked for certain disease-bearing genes. This can lead to either the termination of a pregnancy, or if analyzed at a pre-implantation stage when using In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), can enable the pregnancy to be created using only non-disease bearing genes. In the future we may also be able to "cure" genetic diseases in embryos by replacing faulty sections of DNA with healthy DNA, in a process called germ line therapy. This has been performed on animal embryos but is currently illegal for humans. This could potentially irreversibly alter the human species. So, the obvious question arises: should we be doing this? Some countries have made genetic screening or alteration illegal by law, and the ethical questions surrounding the uses of the technology are vast creating a palpable tension over the subject. The Center for Genetics and Society is...


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