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Cultural and Racial Injustice

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cultural and racial injustice can be approached in many different ways, as it is a very popular moral behind many famous books and films therefore it can easily be accessed for a research topic. The two texts I have chosen to use is the book to kill a mocking bird written by Harper lee and the film the rabbit proof fence directed by Phillip Royce. I chose these two texts because they both have very in depth examples of Injustice towards different cultures and races. Also they are both set in two very different situations which will help me get a much broader idea of my topic. For example to kill a mocking bird shows the cultural and racial injustice within a small neighbourhood town and the rabbit proof fence shows the racial and cultural injustice within the government and law. The rabbit proof fence was set in western Australia in 1931. the main idea in the film is based around the government policy which involved taking half cast children form their aboriginal families and sending them 1000 miles away to a camp called moore river where they kept half cast children to teach them the white mans ways. The three main characters are 3 young girls named Molly, Gracie and daisey aged 14, 10 and 8. They were taken from their home near the rabbit proof fence which lead from one end of the desert to the other. The man named A.O Neville who was the chief protector of the aboriginies was under law, legally able to seize half cast children. The film shows how the 3 young girls escape and find their way home and how they deal with the cultural and racial injustice of being forced to believe in the white mans culture. The novel to kill a mocking bird is based around the years of the great depression and is written through the eyes of a young girl called Scout Finch in the old town of maycome. The three main characters are scout, dill and jem. The three young children spend most of their summer holidays together, during this time a man named Atticus finch, Dill and Scouts...


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