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"It's easy for an angel to become a devil, but impossible for a devil to become an angel." - Junerock

What is a scientific attitude?

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What is a ‘ scientific attitude ‘ ?It is the way of thinking reasonably, logically and clearly without any prejudice or preconceived notions. It is the way of being fair and reasonable in one’s opinions and feelings. Science teaches us how to think logically. Science tells us not to accept a statement as fact unless we are given proof of it. Science teaches us to verify facts and then only to come to conclusions.

How easy it is to believe in rumours and gossip! In one religious sect in America, more than a hundred people committed suicide because their leader told them the world was coming to an end. A man with a scientific attitude does not believe in superstitions or black magic or myths or taboos. He believes in his own skill and capacity to think and act clearly. if I have not studied hard, isn’t it foolish to blame my stars for my failure? How can wearing a so-called lucky charm round my neck help me come first in class?

In the past, people had less knowledge and so were scared of many natural phenomena. So they wove mysteries into superstitions and resorted to religious and cultural rituals to ward off evil spirits and the devil. Today, however, we know better. Today we know that ghost are only figments of the human imagination. There is no devil that takes possession of man’s mind and makes him do something evil. Today we know for sure, that an eclipse is not going to cause misfortune

This is the age of science, the age of logical thinking. Every effect has a cause, a reason. Nothing happens that cannot be explained. Unscientific thinking can bring down a nation and impede its progress. So let us do away with unfounded and irrational thoughts, beliefs and practices. Let us follow the clear light of reason, and help our nation to progress and prosper.


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