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Marxist Perspective Table

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yMarxist Perspective of Education – Q&A
1. What is an ideological state apparatus? | An institution, influenced by the state , that transmits ruling class in the guise of mainstream ideas in the order to reproduce, legitimise and hide existing patterns of class inequality. |
2. What is the main function of education as an ideological state apparatus? | To ensure that ruling class dominance of economics, social and political power continues undisturbed, by convincing working class pupils that their education failures are their fault. |
3. What is the hidden curriculum, and how does it differ from the academic curriculum? | The curriculum is concerned with transmitting knowledge and skills, whereas the hidden curriculum (embodied in the organisation, rules and routines of schools) is concerned with transmitting conforming attitudes.   |
4. According to Althusser, what is the function   classroom knowledge such as history? | Subjects that contain knowledge that might be used to criticise the capitalist system, e.g. republicism, socialism and feminism. |
5. Why are city academies criticised by Marxist sociologists? | The content of their lessons emphasise capitalist values such as free enterprise.   This is not surprising, as city academies are financed partly by private capital. |
6. According to Althusser, what does most classroom knowledge either neglect or ignore altogether? | History teaching has focused traditionally on powerful figures such as Kings and Queens.   This passes on the idea that heredity, hierarchy and obedience to authority are worthy values and norms. |
7. According to Marxist sociologists, what happens t those pupils who question the legitimacy of teachers and education? | Often defined as problematic, anti-authority etc.   Regulated to lower sets and streams in which they are subjected to further social controls.   Leads to eventual failure. |
8. What message does the hidden curriculum mainly transmit, especially to working class pupils?...


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