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The Effect of the Material on the Pill Bugs Ability to Climb it
Problem:   What is the effect of the type of material on the pill bugs ability to climb it?
IV- type of material
DV- ability to climb
CC- size of pill bug, length of the object, temperature, moisture
Control- climbing the log.
Materials- cardboard, rock, eraser, stick, paper towel, ruler, paper, piece of plastic
Design lab:  

1. Obtain two pill bugs that are the same size.
2. Have pill bug climb up rock
3. Have pill bug climb up stick
4. Have pill bug climb up cardboard
5. Have pill bug climb up eraser
6. Have pill bug climb up paper towel
7. Have pill bug climb up paper
8. Have pill bug climb up piece of plastic
9. Have pill bug climb up piece of plastic
10. Record information
11. Repeat 2-10 for additional data.
Safety Concerns:   Wash hands, don’t eat pill bugs, be careful not to harm pill bugs
Hypothesis:   If I vary the type of material that the pill bug climbs up then it will climb up the eraser the best

Graph Statement:   The pill bugs were able to clime the paper the best out of all of the materials.
I reject my hypothesis that the pill bug will climb up the eraser the best.   In the classroom the pill bug was seemingly able to climb up almost every type of material.   They were even able to hold on to some objects upside down.   Therefore I predicted that there must be some material that the pill bugs can climb up better than others.   On my Isopod Fact sheet I read that pill bugs have seven pairs of identical legs.   When we looked under the microscope we the seven identical legs and tiny hairs on the legs which looked like they could grip with.   From that I could infer that they were going to climb things pretty well.  
In evaluating my experiment I would change a couple of things for next time.   In my experiment we held the material at a 180 degree angle and the pill bug would sometimes try to climb sideways...


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