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Human Trafficking in the United States of America
Rough Draft
May start with quote. I chose the topic of Human Trafficking because it is a very interesting and extremely shocking subject to me, and I was shocked to find out it took place right here in the United States and that it posed such a problem to our great nation. In this paper I will cover three main topics; what this type of Human Trafficking is, How Human Trafficking affects the United Sates, and what the United States is doing to stop Human Trafficking.
My very best source is “Human Trafficking Into and Within the United States: A review of the Literature”, an online report provided by the U.S. Department of Health and Services, which provides in depth information on how it affects the people and lifestyle of the United States. My second best source is “Government Action Plans”, a document provided by a website that combats Human Trafficking all over the world. The document gives a large amount of information on how The United States Government is trying and going to stop Human Trafficking in the U.S. and other countries.
Human Trafficking is the illegal forced labor or sexual exploitation of individuals across the world by “traffickers”. According to Europol in 2005, human trafficking means the recruitment, transportation, abduction or deception of another person to exploit them. In this case, the exploitation is forced sexual labor or prostitution, also known as commercial sex (J. Clawson). The victims of human trafficking range from the young to adults, but certain groups of people are affected more than others. Sex traffickers mainly target children because they are venerable and easily persuaded by older figures. They go after teens and children much younger, such as children twelve and under, with many being mostly female. Many traffickers target their victims by use of clubs, malls, online chats, telephone chats, the streets, and through other victims (“Human Trafficking of Children in the...


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