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“If You Pitch It, They Will Eat”
On August 3, 2003 New York Times published an article, "If You Pitch It, They Will Eat” by David Barboza, he states that fast food companies want to be wherever children are. In his article he explains the relationship between the increase in food marketing to children and their increase in weight. He informs us that fast food and advertisements are everywhere. David tells us that the amount of advertisements are increasing, causing more kids to eat more and become obese. In the article he explains that fast food companies are targeting kids because that's where they will gain more money. The kids are turning to the fast food establishments and unhealthy foods because that’s where you find incentives like toys and other products. These are being advertised in all sorts of forms and places, but especially in the television. Parents are caving in and giving children what they want, which goes back to fast food. Fast food companies point the finger at parents, arguing that it's their job to tell their children what to eat and what not to eat. With that being said, companies are putting the blame on parents for their children's obesity, when it’s actually their own fault.

I'm always around children and every time we're out and they see a fast food place they want to eat there. I ask why they want to eat there, they simply respond by telling me a new toy is included in the meal. This doesn't just happen at fast food places; at the market they grab any product featuring their favorite cartoon on it. The kid doesn't even know or care what it is, they just notice their favorite cartoon printed on the box. They'll put anything in their mouths as long as they are entertained by it. Most kids will do anything to get what they want; they will throw fits, cry, scream, anything to get the food they want. Parents don't have control over them so the easiest thing to do to calm down their child is to give in to what they want. I strongly...


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