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NAME _________________________________________         Period ________

Chapter 3 – The Biosphere – WS #3.4

1. ecology   _____________________________________________________________________________

2. biosphere   ___________________________________________________________________________

3. species   _____________________________________________________________________________

4. community ___________________________________________________________________________

5. biome   ______________________________________________________________________________

6. autotroph ____________________________________________________________________________

7. What are the products of photosynthesis?
      a. water and energy b. carbon dioxide and carbohydrates
      c. water and sugars           d. oxygen and carbohydrates

8. What process does the illustration below show?
      a. photosynthesis b. evaporation
      c. chemosynthesis d. transpiration

9. Which of the following types of organisms obtain energy by eating only plants?
      a. producers b. herbivores
      c. omnivores d. carnivores

10. Which of the following types of heterotrophs eat other animals?
      a. omnivores and carnivores b. herbivores and omnivores
      c. carnivores only d. carnivores and herbivores

11. What are organisms that feed on bits of plants and animal remains and other dead matter called?
      a. decomposers b. omnivores
      c. detritivores d. herbivores

12. Which of the following types of heterotrophs would bacteria and fungi be classified as?
      a. detritivores b. herbivores
      c. carnivores d. decomposers

13. What is the one-way flow of energy in an ecosystem called?
      a. a food chain b. an energy pyramid
      c. a food web d. a biomass pyramid

14. What links all the food chains in an ecosystem together?
      a. trophic levels b. an energy pyramid
      c. a food web d. a biomass...


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