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Lord of the Flies - 2

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“Shari just stepped onto the balcony for some fresh air, she didn’t mean to fall. Whilst her friends assume it was suicide, she knows otherwise, and now her restless spirit must find the real killer by any means possible. She'll need the help of those she left behind and the only way to reach them now is via the ouija board, but someone or something else seems to want to communicate with her friends too with horrifying intent. Shari is forced down the one pathway left open to her...to enter their dreams.”

I recently discovered that to find the vast intellect to something, the reader has to look at it more than once. The first book in Christopher Pike’s series, Remember Me, was very good the first time I read it. I discovered that the second and third time I read it, I saw all sorts of little meanings hidden in every other sentence. The book gives very believable theories on "after life".
The supernatural never fails to grab my attention, whether it be in the pages of a book, the subject of a TV series or sometimes even a film. Having been a keen fan of the genre for a long time, it’s fair to say that I’ve come across most of the obvious storylines, however this series is not quite like anything I’ve read before.

“Remember Me” introduces the reader to Shari Cooper; she seemed to have it all. Good looks, popularity, and some of the best friends, or so she thought. When she wakes up dead from falling off a balcony, not knowing she is dead. Everyone says that she committed suicide. Her brother was the only one that couldn’t believe it. At the party that Shari died at, she was basically dumped by her boyfriend for another girl and learned all the same that her friends had to pushed her of. Although she didn’t know which one, she suspected them all. While being from the other side, she does her best to figure out what happened that night and what went wrong in her life. She wanted more than anything to ease her brother and her parent’s pain. As the truth...


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