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Factors That Influence Life

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Social Class: A social class is labelled by how much power, wealth and influence a person has. It can affect where you live, the education that you receive, your health and how you view yourself and the people around you.
Employment: The benefits of a job are to provide you with an income allow you to make in practice your knowledge and develop new skills and to give you the opportunity to socialise, give your days a routine and keep you busy. All of that makes you build confidence and self-esteem.  
Culture: Culture is when a group of people with a particular social, ethnic, or age group share the same beliefs, values and customs. A culture can influence the way people think, the food they eat, the people they mix with and how they send their free time.
Income: An income from earning money and can come from many sources such as welfare benefits, pension or investment and a job. An income has a great impact on our lifestyle. It allows us to:
  * Afford your free time services and its activities.
  * Pay the rent or mortgage
  * Afford the clothes we like to wear
  * Socialise it friends
  * Eat a balanced diet
  * Travel
  * Heat our homes
  * Afford a car and holidays

Living conditions: an improper living condition can affect your wellbeing and health if you don’t live in a dry house with space, a warm climate and access to clean water.
Education: a good education is high up in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs because it can affect your life in many ways:
  * A good education will determine your choice of jobs.
  * Your employment prospects which are the chances of getting and keeping a job that pays well.
  * Your status in society
  * Make you feel good about yourself; give you self-esteem and a sense of security
Factors that can affect your physical life are:
Genetic inheritance: genes are the instructions inherited by our...


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