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Dean Carter’s Devil is tamed in the Hand of the Devil
Dean Carter’s Devil is tamed in the Hand of the Devil

The Hand of the Devil is a horror novel written by Dean Vincent Carter. Based in the modern day world, a young journalist called Ashley Reeves receives a letter promising him the story of his life, but it might also cost him his life. Reginald Mather seems to be just a crazy bug collector living on an isolated island alone, but when Reeves res-ponds to his letter and travels to the island Mather’s horrific truth unfolds. Reeves is flung into an uncontrollable nightmare, where he is in severe danger, and not just because of Mather.
In my personal opinion I could not fully appre-ciate what is dubbed as ‘Dean Vincent Carter’s Masterpiece’. I found the book very repitive, and it was not a difficult task to guess what the next big moment in the book would be. On the contrary to this the con-cepts within the book of man eating insects and a cracked, old scientist really grasped my atten-tion as it seems as it would be a clichéd theme but it was used in a cunning way to make the theme seem fresh.
As I said I did not enjoy the book due to the mediocre plot. This on some parts made the book dull in the build-up to the climax, but within the climax the novel was action packed and full of scares and thrills.
I would recommend the book but only to a specific audience. This audience is teenage boys. This is due to the atmosphere of the novel being quite dark and intense. Although I did not like the book I can see why many others would as it is interesting and different from many other horror novels. The reason the novel might be aimed at teenage boys is because of the characters. There are no female lead characters meaning Dean Carter might have been aiming the book at this audi-ence as it could relate to them. Whereas for a girl it would be harder to re-late to the emotions and decision making of the characters.
This book although being very different from a lot...


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