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Should School Uniform Be Abolished?

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Should School Uniform Be Abolished?

The question about the purpose of school uniform is a contentious one. Many people have varying views regarding either the abolition or retention of school uniform.

One argument which supports abolishing uniform is due to the expense that when in lessons students will possibly work better when in their own clothes, because they will feel comfortable and casual. Also, the school uniform which is available at the moment is rather expensive, for example the school jumpers are well over £15, and you cannot get them anywhere else cheaper because they have to have the school emblem on them.

Also, when out and about, people will know what school you go to, and there is the possibility of members of the public stalking students, but when not in uniform people will not know, so not wearing school uniform could actually have a feeling of safety and not being identified by other people.

However, not abolishing school uniform could have a surprisingly good effect, as there would be not judgements on others’ styles, as there inevitably would be if own clothes were allowed, and this could knock-on to bullying, so by wearing uniform would decrease the chances of bullying on styles, which could help the school crack down on other things, such as facilities. Also, by not wearing uniform, this could promote a casual attitude in the classroom, whereby students feel so relaxed they feel the need to put in half the required effort.

On the other hand, if there was no uniform, pupils may be distracted by what their friends are wearing, and judging them, which goes back to what was mentioned earlier about. By not having a school uniform could decrease the feeling of unity in the school, and the risk of getting lost on school trips because you are not recognisable by the public. Also, there would not be any sponsored MUFTI days, as there would be no need for one.

Furthermore, by not wearing uniform could make you feel more vulnerable,...


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