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Part A
My homeland is Vietnam, which is a small country that belongs to Southeast Asia. Vietnam is one of the developing countries with a unique life style and culture. The economy in my country depends on agriculture. Vietnamese people have a very special identity called wet rice civilization. We are very hard working and we are very creative in our jobs at the same time.
Like many Asian countries all over the world, we live with many generations of family who take care of each other. You can find three or more generations in a family in the city easily. As a family, dinner is always the main part in our family life. It’s uncomfortable to the parents if you’re not on time for dinner or spend time with your friends. Approximately, ninety percent of the population in Vietnam follows Buddhism. That is why we always go to pagoda to pray for somebody who has a close relative side by side to get lucky money in the New Year. This is a tradition in Vietnam
In my country, teeth and hair are the most important things to everyone. The old Vietnamese ate betel nuts to dye their teeth to black, but now it is very rare for people to do that. On the other hand, hair is very important for Vietnamese too. They always want everyone to look at them and feel acceptable and comfortable. The main religion in Vietnam is Buddhism, which is why only the nun or monk can have a shaved head. If a man has a baldhead, probably people think he is not a good guy or he is a gangster. Besides, kids and students go to school, they are supposed to have short hair with a natural hair color. The school wants students to pay more attention to the education, so short hair is a good solution.
Have you ever been angry or upset about your hairstyle? My mother had a lot of rough times to make my hairstyle as the ways she wanted it to be. When I went to kindergarten, I had the 1-inch long hair, which was considered as the hairstyle for a criminal. The teacher paid more attention to me than another. This...


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