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The question I was trying to answer was “Is there more bacteria on a bathroom door or a keyboard at JHS?.” Things I already know about this subject is   that a bacteria is a domain of unicellular, prokaryotes that have cell walls containing peptidoglycan (Miller and Levine, Biology Textbook). Another thing I already know about this subject is that bacteria belong to the kingdom eubacteria (http://www.ric.edu/faculty/ptiskus/six_kingdoms/index.htm). I believe there will be more bacteria on the keyboard than the girls’ bathroom door because I believe more people use keyboards and people are less unsanitary when using a keyboard because it is such a common item, that people think nothing to it.
Material and Methods:
Everything I used for this lab was a pen, notebook, petri dish, cotton swab, keyboard, and the girls bathroom door. For this lab, I got out my pencil and paper. I took the cotton swab and the petri dish. I used a permanent marker to divide and label my petri dish.   I then walked to the girls’ bathroom door and used my cotton swab, and ran it across the door to collect bacteria. Next, I took the cotton swab and ran it across the “girls bathroom door” side of my petri dish. I then walked into a computer lab. I took my second cotton swab and ran it across the keyboard. I then took that cotton swab and ran it across the “keyboard” side of my petri dish. After collecting the date, I returned to the classroom. The next day, I collected my petri dish and observed the bacteria on it.

My hypothesis was correct because if you look at the results I got, you can see that there is by far more bacteria on the side labeled keyboard. Key information to take from this lab is to always sanitize before you use a keyboard or wash your hands after. What I’ve learned from this lab shows that all though a bathroom comes off as very unsanitary, a keyboard is more unsanitary because people don’t think much of it. I learned from this lab that next...


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