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Hindu vs Islam

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Hinduism and Islam Belief System
Like many religions and philosophies, they both emerged over time in different parts of the world. Hinduism is the oldest religion in the world. Unlike most major religions, Hinduism has no single founder. Hinduism developed and changed over 3,500 years, and has spread all over the world. Islam however has one founder, which is Muhammad. One hundred fifty years after Muhammad death, Islam spread over three continents. The teaching of Islam emphasizes on honesty, generosity, and social justice.
Hinduism is one of the oldest belief systems in the world that is still being practiced today all around the world. Hindus believe in the three-in-one god known as “Brahman,” which is composed made of Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Shiva the destroyer. They also believe that their life consists of a continuous cycle of reincarnation, which is that if you had good karma you will be reborn in a higher caste and if you had bad karma, you will be reborn in lower caste. This belief had an overpowering impact on Indian society. In addition, when you reach Brahman you were one with the creator. The caste system divided the Hindus in categories such as Brahmans or priest at the top of the chart, Kshatriyas or warriors next, Vaishyas or merchants, Shudras or laborers and the Untouchables or slaves. Once a Hindu person that is born into a caste, he or she remains at that social status for the rest of his or her life. Marriage between castes was strictly forbidden. As a result, the higher caste had more influence the government and become wealthy, while the lower castes have suffered through poverty and harsh labor. The caste system has been outlawed by the government but remains a powerful force. Hindu teachings were developed and recorded in sacred texts. These texts have collection of prayer, the Upanishads, philosophical dialogues about Hindus beliefs.
The religion Islam arose in 622 AD. Like monotheistic religions, people who...


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