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Types of Branding

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Branding and types
of Branding.
Family Branding; Is where an organization uses its strong name and reputation to launch new products under the umbrella of one of its existing brand. This can help sales early on as the products automatically have the associations of the existing brand. Example; Apple: Apple works under a family branding strategy. The brand name and recognizable logo for Apple makes it easy for consumers to find and identify Apple products. Using the same logo and brand, Apple markets computers, phones, accessories, music players and tablets. Zara; Zara which is known for its fashionable clothing line, uses the same brand name to produce products such as perfume and furniture. Virgin; Also using the same brand name and logo to offer products such as Laptops, clothes, books, phones, music players etc.
Product Branding; (Individual Branding) Is where a business assigns a new brand name to each of its products, with no clear connection between them. This does remove the key advantage of family branding when launching a product, but also avoids the negative effects that come about if the product is a failure. Example; Unilever: Owns many brands in numerous markets such as, Ben & Jerry's Ice cream, Persil washing powder and Dove bath and shower products. Procter & Gamble; Owns many brands in numerous markets such as, Always; A brand for feminine care products, Gillette; A brand of safety razor and male grooming products, Head & Shoulders; A brand of anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioners and many Others.
Company Branding; Is using the same logo and brand name to produce products in different industries. Example; Zara: Zara, known as the clothing shop, recently decided to use the same logo and brand name to open up a shop in the furniture industry. An industry that has no link to the clothing industry. Apple; Apple also uses the same logo and brand name to manufacture products in different industries. For example, phones, tablets,...


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