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The Bleeding Cross

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The Story of the Bleeding Cross of endurance.....

Happy Birthday my dear son.... You may have forgotten me but I still love you and may God Almighty bless you always......writes Mrs. Esther, the mother of Michael.   Esther is no more but the letter she wrote and posted from the “Little Angels House for the Aged” is still cherished by her son Michael who is forty years old today.   On every Birthday he starts his day with this letter that his mom had sent to him years ago. A feeling of deep guilt stabs him each time he reads through the tattered letter......
Mrs Esther was an epitome of endurance, patience and perseverance and a symbol of love for all. She was an angel. She became a widow at a very early age. Her heart broke into pieces when she lost her partner during a war to save the nation. Her life from then on was a mix of struggles; agony and hard work to up bring her only son and nurture his dreams for what he is today. Michael was two years old when he lost his father. Little did he know about the great loss. Esther taught him to see his father among the twinkling stars in the dark sky above. She held his small fingers while he learnt to walk and her heart would bleed from within each time he would fall and stumble. She taught him to pray and lead a pious life. When it was time for little Michael to go to school, she would toil hard to earn every penny to see to it that her son is in the best school she can afford to. Mother was his strength, friend, philosopher and guide throughout the growing years.
Little Michael grew up to a big boy. His association was more with his friends. He would spend more time with them and would come home late. The changes in him hurt his mother from within but then she accepted it and prayed for him. She would wait for him to listen to his day’s activities but then he did not find a friend in her any more ...She will cook for him simple and healthy food but he would love to dine outside with his friends. She would remain...


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