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The Boston Massacre

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The Boston Massacre

Last night the Redcoats who were posted on King Street fired on an unsuspecting crowed of boys and men who had gathered to help Edward Garrick a boy that was being harassed and beaten by one of the red coats. The boy had stopped to remind the red coat that he was in debt to his master the Wigmaker and the officer replied that he should be kinder to the officer and ignored Garrick.
The boy replied with an insult and the red coat obviously enraged left his post and attacked the boy with the blunt end of the musket. On looking citizens came rushing to help the poor boy and the rest of the redcoats came running from there posts to help their fellow officer in need, they quickly aligned in the “firing” position and fired upon the crowed killing three and leaving two severely wounded. With more taxes on the way from the king it will be the duty of the citizens of Boston to give the Redcoats there just deserves in court. At this time we are at understanding that no lawyer will agree to take the case of the redcoats with this in mind they will be undoubtedly convicted of murder and it shall take the murderers off our street.
It is our job to take back our rights and money from the king we should continue our protest and show the king the true owners of this great land of ours. Let the Sons of liberty rise up and may we join their cause for it is our cause as well.


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