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How Does Catholics Respond to Unanswered Prayers

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First, be honest to God. Admit your disappointment, frustration, confusion, doubt, sorrow, anger, and any other feelings you have about the fact that you haven't yet received answers to your prayers. Don't be afraid to express yourself completely to God, without shame or pretense. Pray about every concern you have. Ask God hard questions.

* Seek God Himself instead of just His miracles. Understand that, although God sometimes does choose to perform miracles for certain purposes, He often decides not to do so. Believe in the truth that a miracle is always possible, but remember that miracles are rare by definition. Check your motives to make sure you're not just vying for a miracle, but instead are seeking to grow closer to God. Don't expect God to be like a divine vending machine who dispenses miracles on demand. Love God Himself more than what He can give you.

* Realize that silence doesn't mean absence. Know that God is still present with you, despite His silence. Remember His promise never to leave or forsake you. Understand that God sometimes decides to withdraw from your conscious experience and deliberately make Himself less obvious and less immediately available in order to reduce your dependence on outward things and help you live by faith instead of sight. Ask God to reassure you of His presence as you struggle with unanswered prayers.

* Be willing to accept no as an answer. Consider carefully whether God has truly not answered your prayer, or whether He has answered it, but chosen to deny your request. Ask God to give you the strength to accept His will, even if it's contrary to your wishes. Realize that your power to choose God's will over your own preference is a significant opportunity to grow in faith and maturity. Remember that God's wisdom is often beyond human understanding, but He is always working out the best for you from His eternal perspective. Ask God to help you learn the valuable lessons He wants to teach you through your...


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