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Drinking Coffee Else” by Packer

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When I first read the story “Drinking Coffee Else” by Packer, I extrapolated that love was the main word to used and describe Dina as a character.   I viewed the relationship between the two friends and there was no other word to used and describe their bound than love, different types of was found such as such as children, partaking, and harsh love. After more discussion on this story both in class and on blackboard, my point of view has not change about Dina. I remember in class most of the students said Dina was confuse and lost of identity, after I reread the story I have come to conclude that Dina did not want to be hurt again and neither did she want to see her friend Heidi to be hurt.
The story brings up sections where one will recognize that Dina did care about Heidi getting hurt.   Dina knows that she the only one Heidi has she could not bear to see her to hurt before she will show concern, just like in this paragraph ““You're insane! What are you going to do this time?" I asked. "Sleep with him? Then when he makes fun of you, what? Come pound your head on my door reciting the 'Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath'? "”.   With this statement here show that Dina was just trying to avoid seeing Heidi being hurt and running back to her.   These is two loner girls or friends where by one have more terrible experience with life than the other,   and will not like to watch the other one with less experience make the same mistakes.   Somewhere on that some paragraph that Heidi answered and said she was not going to “suck his dick” she went on and place her arm around Dina for comfort which show Dina is her comforter.   Dina was always scared that she will lose Heidi if she allows her go on a date with the guy, for instance when she told Dr Raeburn about Heidi and her plan to go on a date with another guy, and Dr.Raeburn said to her that “she seems preoccupied by the date.” Dina’s respond was “wouldn’t you be?”   Dina’s response here shows it entirely that she is scared to...


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