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The Belt Conveyor Is Specialized in High Transportation Capacity

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The belt conveyor has the features of large transportation amount, simple structure, convenient maintenance and component standardization. And it is widely used for conveying materials in mining, metallurgy, coal, chemical industry, casting, building materials and in production line, hydroelectric station construction sites and other industries for transporting loose materials and packed products.

Belt conveyor is one of the materiel transporting machines which transports the materiel in a certain line. Along with the rapid economic development, belt conveyor and stone production line become indispensable equipment in mining industry. The use of belt conveyor, greatly reduce the manpower, more to improve manufacturing efficiency, with long distance and transportation transportation capacity big, small, easy to install the work resistance, low power consumption, wear, smaller, etc.Raw material mill So keep the belt conveyor smooth work, can improve the output of sand production line.

First, the belt don’t turn. Motor starting after idling belt transmission roller sliding, belt starting up,Secondary cone crusher this is due to the fault belt tension is not enough, tension device not adjust good, belt is too long, overloaded starting, the pile of coal belt more reasons.

Second, the belt running deviation. Wandering in operation of reason is the belt a transverse force produced, the cause of the transverse force has the following kinds: conveyor tends to side loading, not packed in the center position; Roller and roller installation with no vertical axis conveyor belt center; The wire rope discretion not consistent; The conveyor belt is not straight, joint; Coal unloading roller didn’t adjust position;Limestone dryer The tail roller, guide roller not adjust good can cause belt running deviation.

Third, the belt off easily. The reason is too big,Cement machinery joint by belt tension is not strong, belt buckles poor quality, belt use time is too long,...


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