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The Standard Stone Crusher for Stone Production

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This kind of stone crusher is generally utilized for crushing fragile material with center hardness or beneath, like limestone, shale, coal, plaster, chalk, and so forth. a kind of device, which uses high-speed influence of board drop hammer and rebound effect of counter board to frequently effect materials to be crushed.

A topic of discussion which is guaranteed to provoke any disagreement among design engineers and confusion among crushing plant users alike, but why and what separates the mechanical and hydraulic methods? Here is some insight to this of this frequently asked question.Usually the crusher would be v-belt driven directly from the diesel prime mover, decoupled by a mechanical clutch. Due to the immense inertia of the flywheels it would be necessary for the operator to fiddle the clutch lever in order to coax the machine to start without stalling the engine. This worked well, and in many cases is still a good solution if a few starts a day and low throughput is all you need, however, the market is now crowded with other solutions all claiming to be the best way and it can be confusing for plant users to know what will work best for them.

Omitting torque converters and hybrid diesel-electric drive solutions, which have niche applications but are not in widespread use due to their cost, the industry gravitates around dry plate clutch and hydraulic drives. Take the dry plate clutch for example! Bolt it straight onto the engine and hang a pulley on the output shaft to drive v-belts. In terms of absolute efficiency, this certainly has the lowest power loss of all methods if your only consideration is how much fuel you use. The trade-off is pure efficiency vs. functionality. To offer a soft-start clutch engagement, computer controlled pilot systems are now the norm for modulating or “fiddling” the engagement (as the operator used to do by hand). As every start raises the clutch plate temperature, its thermal capacity limits the permissible number of...


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