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You can hardly find a person who isn’t interested in life in future. If you can there wouldn’t be a lot of them. But most people would like to discover the mystery of the future. And how can we learn about our planet in hundreds or thousands years? To my mind, science fiction is the best way to do it.   Sometimes it can be alarming, humorous, fantastic, but always thought-provoking.
    Let’s start with the story “Human Is” by Philip Dick. In this story the author depicts psychological struggle of the characters. Jill, the main character, has a husband who is easily-irritated and always behaves in a nervous way. He doesn’t what to see any children in his house. But everything changes after his trip to Rexor IV. Now he is romantic, polite and even plays with her nephew. But Jill feels discomfort about it. Then it turns out that it’s not her husband but his spitting image. The real one is still somewhere at Rexor IV. Jill wants her husband back. But it’s clearly seen that she hesitates whether to accept her husband’s copy or to wait for the real. So we see that people of future still have feelings, that they need attention and care. Jill always suffered from her husband. But now everything has changed. No tough shouts, no shouts. He praises her, thanks her, pays compliments, in other words, takes good care of her. He loves her and she knows it. Good treatment and attention makes Jill change her mind and stay with the copy.   We must remember that all people like to be good treated. A pleasant word or a smile makes person’s life happier.
    Another story I’d like to comment on is “The Smile” by Ray Bradbury. At first sight this story arises the problem of art and it’s really so.   But I, personally, think that it’s only the basis for the reflection of greater problem. After I’ve read “The Smile” I come across one question: why the author has chosen a boy as the character? Maybe it is because children are a part of the society who are guiltless in the face of it and...


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