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World Religions Chapter 1

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Page 6

1. Why is Canada a good place to encounter the religions of the world?

Canada is a good place to encounter religions of the world because Canada, especially Toronto, is a very diverse city with people touring and immigrating from all over the world. We are a very good and interesting country and a lot of people see that and decide to visit us and move here. People in Canada are also very friendly and love starting conversations with other people and learning about new places. When children go to school, it’s a guarantee that not everyone will be the same race. Canadian children learn to be accepting and loving towards other people even from a young age.

2. What is the meaning of the phrase religious impulse?

Religious impulse is when you find yourself naturally wondering about God and believing in a higher power. It is when you naturally find yourself thinking about God and religion and the afterlife. The definition of an impulse is a sudden desire, whim, or inclination. (Dictionary.com) So therefore, you suddenly begin to desire a religion or more knowledge of a higher power. It can also mean if you suddenly decide to pray for a stranger.

Page 13

1. Identify five common features of religions.

3. What is the essential difference between religion and ethics?

The essential difference between religion and ethics is religion is what you believe created the world and it effects how you live your life because many people live their lives according to their religion, religious lifestyle is when you go to church and when you pray and certain foods you don’t eat, ect.
4. Do you think that science and religion can co-exist? Explain.

Not always, because a lot of religious people and a lot of scientists are really stubborn and protective over their beliefs. Sorry, but it’s true. A lot of religious people will say, “No, my opinion about religion is true.”, and a scientist might...


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