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Relationship Between Employee and Manager

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Cantemir Ludmila
English 100
                                                                Assignment #2

Relationships at work started shell and have always existed. While a love relationship with a coworker may be future step toward marriage or just an adventure among many others, the relationship between boss and employee can become a real problem.
I started writing about this topic because I faced such problem in my personal life. The moment when I saw my boss courtship I realized it is not for the better all the compliments and letters found in the postal box. In those moments all surprises me it seems more attention, a family; even if not involved nothing offensive was time when I realized that he actually wants a different relation. O very alarming problem for me because in that moment I felt like the world goes under my feet, I had great respect for him, was as a member of my family.
If at that time someone had told me that a close relationship between employees can create problems but I think in that time I was totally disagreed, fact to me that such relationships only bring troubles in career and great criticism from others employee.   My opinion is that we must be cautious to the maximum in such situations and to keep strictly professional distance between personal. Maybe someone wants relations following laws or someone and finished with a successful marriage but I am convinced that the plans will never professionals be a dedication and all barriers no longer maintain respect and authority. I have decided not to convince you that it is a good idea to mix love and career, everyone is entitled to their own choice, but what are the chances that a relationship with your boss to be the recipe for success? In such conditions, you will not have the opportunity to really show what you can, because many of the things you will be offered other work on the tray, just because you're bosses’ girlfriend-boyfriend. It is true that you cannot...


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